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Youth’s Perspectives on Tackling Global and Regional Security Challenges

Due to severe security challenges that almost all states are witnessing, WYF prepared a workshop on this topic on December 13th to involve young people in developing visions and ideas to address these challenges for a stable and secure world. This workshop security and economic challenges, the role of women in promoting international peace and security, and youth initiatives to counter terrorism and achieve security.
Speakers tackled how technology contributes to changing the face of organized crimes, and stressed the principle of “partnership for security”, that was initiated by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The workshop discussed the necessity of economic empowerment of women, and the wrong practices against women, especially the immigrants and refugees, in addition to women’s role in environmental sustainability. Youth brainstormed to reach ideas to combat terrorism, like the necessity to integrate youth in reconstruction programs after conflicts, and ensuring the importance of dialogue between different generations to formulate policies to empower youth.


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