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A Stroll Through Climate Change Museums

Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil.

By Heba Essam

No doubt that all of the way we live in the world, our relationship to nature and humanity’s space on earth are unavoidably changing after the complex environmental, political and cultural phenomenon of climate change. In a similar context, museums have become at the vanguard of influencing public responses to climate change.

This evolving responsibility of museum work is manifest in today’s climate museums with their power to help people envision future effects of climate change and take meaningful action. Through the following lines, let us take a stroll through some of these museums from all over the world.

Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change

In December 2013, the Chinese University of Hong Kong built the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, the first of its kind worldwide. It offers a multimedia, interactive exhibition showcasing priceless treasures and data on climate change. The museum’s perfect setting provides it with the capacity to promote environmental stewardship for the general public—especially students and teachers, and to cope with the latest advancements in environmental conservation and sustainability.

Museum of Tomorrow

At the Praça Mauá, Museum of Tomorrow was established as a scientific museum meant to explore, imagine, and conceptualize every possibility for building the future. Such an innovative museum, where the information is presented through a story that combines the realism of science with the expressiveness of art, is a ‘captivating invitation to imagine a sustainable world’. It adopts technology as a supportive tool in interactive environments, and audiovisual and gaming facilities based on scientific research.

Climate Museum

Fostering a culture for climate action, the Climate Museum in the United States of America brings together individuals from all walks of life to join the battle for a better future and talk about solutions. It provides visitors with a variety of avenues into civic engagement across the arts and sciences, in a way that deepens understanding and advances just solutions.

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost is much more than a museum located in Germany; it offers a unique world of weather, climate, as well as climate-change knowledge and experience. The museum is devoted to demonstrate how each individual can contribute to climate protection. Through interactive exhibits, visitors are able to live the experience of different climate zones and investigate the causes of climate change.

The Climate House

As part of the Natural history museum in Oslo, the Climate House is a green venue for research-based exhibitions, talks, films, discussions and experiences relating to climate and climate change. It aims to increase public knowledge of climate change, through exhibitions that give insight in both natural and man-made climate change and its consequences.

Museum of Water

The Museum of Water in London travels across the world to gather collections of publicly donated water. With every water metaphor, it aims to stress the fact that ‘water is our most basic need and our most overlooked’. The museum showcases a collection of more than 1000 bottles of water—along with accompanying stories—gathered from over 50 different sites worldwide.

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