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The Revival of Humanity in the Time of COVID

By Shaimaa ElShafie

Despite the severity of the Coronavirus which forced us to isolate and distance ourselves from our friends and change our habits, there are numerous stories that give us hope to fight this pandemic.

A Cohesive Community, Austria

Maysara Mahmoud is a 14-year-old Egyptian young man who lives in Austria. Maysara and two of his friends launched an initiative aimed at buying and delivering food supplies for free to elderly and sick people who cannot get out of their homes due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Maysara said to the Egyptian TV that he always feels anxious, even if he wears a face mask and gloves, whenever he buys and delivers the supplies. He noted, “Sometimes we don’t meet the people we help in person.” He added, “They text and send us a list of what they need, and then we buy and deliver them. We leave the supplies in front of their apartments.” Maysara won in 2020 the Person of the Year Award in Austria for his humanitarian actions.

Beacon of Hope, India

Pria Patel, an Indian university student, devoted a part of her time to help and support those around her amid the horrific outbreak of the Coronavirus in India by driving an ambulance car to transfer patients to hospitals. She said that she had more time to carry out social activities in the aftermath of attending her lectures and classes online. Priya, who majored in Science, also used to transfer the dead bodies to the Panchanga crematorium. Pria said, “I have learned how to drive a car. I decided to help the community since I had leisure time.” She added, “Afterwards, the ambulance car was donated to the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Hospital (CPR).”

A Generous Soul, Belgium

Suzzane is a 90-year-old Belgian woman who asked the nurse, when she was hospitalized in an isolation hospital designated for the Coronavirus, to remove the ventilator and give it to other patients who were in dire need of it. She justified her endeavor by indicating that she’s old and lived for a long time while the others didn’t.

Supporting Others via Social Media, USA

Given that many people lost their jobs during the pandemic, a 33-year-old woman who lives in San Francisco shared an impressive post on social media: “Hi neighbors, if you will be missing a paycheck/contract, or if your money is getting tighter for food and supplies by time, just message me and I will send you 20 dollars, no questions asked.

A Personification of Innocence, USA

When humanity and innocence are personified in one person, this’s the case of Cavanaugh Bell, an eight-year-old child who lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Last year, Bell used to buy meals and food for the elderly and those who tested positive with the Coronavirus as they were unable to prepare or buy food and supplies, such as fruits, cans, detergents, and drinks. Bell, moreover, used to distribute and deliver them to their homes. He bought the meals and supplies by bestowing $600 of his birthday and Christmas savings.

Shopping Angels, USA

Jade Powell, a medical student from the state of Nevada, established the Shopping Angels, a charitable foundation to help the elderly and those who got infected with COVID-19. Then, he and his friends created a group of 90 persons to devote their time for shopping and delivering food to people who couldn’t get out of their homes during this pandemic. Afterwards, the idea has been replicated in many states, so that the number of volunteers across the United States exceeded 5,700 persons. In addition to that, many people across the globe have followed Jade’s footsteps. As a result, the idea was replicated in Canada and Australia as well.

Big-Heartedness/Generosity out of Pain, India

Priyanka Negi is an Indian girl who lost her grandmother and aunt because of COVID-19. In an attempt to overcome her grief over the loss of loved ones, she decided to help her neighbors who got infected with COVID-19 by cooking nutrient-rich foods that would help them to recover from the virus. Since April 28, 2020, she delivered fresh meals, on a daily basis, and she was keen to raise their spirits and morale by sending positive quotes attached with the meals. Priyanka is a typical example of a person who heals her pain by giving.

Merciful Countries

There were many countries, such as Egypt, China, Morocco, and many European countries, that delivered medical aids, including medical supplies and kits, to their neighboring countries during the pandemic. As a matter of fact, the pandemic shed light upon the need to unite in order to fight that enemy, and it also emphasized that solidarity is the only panacea for preventing the emergence of new variants and curbing the virus.