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The Pioneers behind the Forum

By Shimaa El-Shafie

The World Youth Forum (WYF) started as a dream of a group of Egyptian youth who aimed at communicating and bridging the gap with youth across the globe to discuss issues of great concern to them and to deliver a message of peace and love from the land of peace. It is truly an inspiring story, and we wish we could include each and every personal story behind this great achievement.  However, we have only a few pages here so we’ll dive into the successful stories of only 3 of the pioneers who co-created the brand “WYF”:

Nada Yasser

The Reviving Humanity Memorial

She is the project manager of the Reviving Humanity Memorial and has been in charge of this project since 2018.In hope of promoting love and peace all over the world amid ongoing conflicts and wars, coupled with promoting global solidarity, “the purpose has been establishing an international mechanism for supporting victims of wars and terrorism”, as Nada noted. She added, “I have learned, as an architect, that I should consider the political, economic, humanitarian, and social aspects while designing a new building and using technology.”

Ala’a Fawzy

Media Content

She’s the team leader of the Media Content team that produces news releases and editorials about the WYF and that also covers the Forum’s sessions and workshops. Ala’a said that the organization of the WYF was not her first experience in the Media Team due to her participation in the Media Content Team in the National Youth Conferences convened in 2017.  She added, “We were keen to draft editorials and press releases and to cover the sessions and activities conducted on the sidelines of the WYF.”

Yasmine El-Gendy

World Youth Theater

She’s the team leader of the World Youth Theater, said “the World Youth Theater was introduced in the second edition of the WYF in 2018, with the aim of tackling youth issues through art and by unleashing the creative side of the talented youth from around the globe”. The World Youth Theatre is a hub through which talented singers, actors, standup comedians, and bands from different cultures and backgrounds use art as a language of peace and solidarity.