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Corresponding to historic figures that defined most of today’s ideals and concepts, there are other role models who are worthy of praising, since they also made considerable efforts to promote peace and revive humanity, each in their own capacity.

Abdel Wahab Yousry

Abdel Wahab Yousry was a PLP alumni and a member of the World Youth Forum (WYF) organizing committee who passed away a few days before the first edition of the WYF. His voluntary participation in the organizing committee was a manifestation of his sincere belief in peace and humanity.

In addition to his sense of humor, he remained keen to support everyone without even being asked to. He devoted himself to spread love and forgiveness among his colleagues.

Ashraf Shawky

Ashraf Shawky was also a PLP alumni and a member of the WYF organizing committee. He passed away last year, leaving his wife behind after their marriage, to lead his corner in the Production Unit, as one of the main pillars of the Forum’s Organizing Committee. It is said that brave soldiers die holding their weapons, and so did he. Ashraf Shawky was a soldier in his own field, holding his talent as a weapon towards all hatred and ugliness present in this world.

Salma Saad, a PLP alumni, tells us that during the preparations for the second edition of the WYF, he was hiding his pain behind his giant computer screen to help finish as many tasks as possible. Shawky was a former Production Unit head. He had a kind heart and was always available to anyone who reached out to him. He had a pure soul and a number of friends who mourned his loss. He worked on a number of short documentaries to raise awareness on pressing issues such as Climate Change, Day Zero, Women Empowerment, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Entrepreneurship and many others.


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