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International media reactions to WYF2018

WYF has been the center of attention of international, regional and national media. Our success is mirrored by the words of international news.

The WYF in European media: A reflection of Egypt’s strong diplomacy

Modern Diplomacy, a European news website, praised the WYF stating that it is “a reflection of Egypt’s strong diplomacy”. The website said that Egypt was successful in organising the largest international youth convention around the world, as well as diplomatically and creatively transforming the way of thinking of several attendees about Egypt, particularly through the concept of “The Seven Pillars of the Egyptian Identity” which was tackled by the forum.

International media reactions to the World Youth Forum

America encourages its youth to participate in the WYF

Saint Lucia News Online encouraged the youth of Saint Lucia to apply for the WYF in Egypt. Saint Lucia News Online stressed that the WYF provides an excellent opportunity for the Saint Lucian youth to network and exchange ideas with youth at an international front.

The WYF has been covered and discussed by major media agencies around the world.

Hear from the youth themselves

Nobody is more capable of reviewing the experience better than those who participated themselves. Hearing from them helps us understand what it is like to be a WYF’ian.

From India: The world is so much better due to the transformation vision of the WYF

Anil Pradhan, Founder of a public school for rural innovation in India, stressed that the WYF was all about “promising youth”.

“It sends a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress to the entire world. It engages youth from around the globe in an enriching set-up, allowing them to exchange views and recommend initiatives to decision-makers and influential figures,” he said.

From Sri Lanka: An eye-opening adventure in Egypt

Mariya AlKaed, a Sri Lankan news reporter, stressed that the WYF offers youth an excellent opportunity to work closely with top policymakers, and network with youth with the aim of making this world a better place.

“The WYF also brought the Startup Vein, an area for startup owners to share their experiences on stage to help others, as well as the 7 Pillars Walk through Museum. I took part in one of the stalls in the Startup Vein, where if you had a solid idea, they would present you with a certificate made out of papyrus paper. Genuine papyrus! I did not even know that it still existed,” said AlKaed.


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