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The Memorial: Reviving Humanity

The “Reviving Humanity” Memorial was one of the events held on the sidelines of the second edition of the WYF, where around 72 sculptors from 72 countries, participated using different forms of art to create a unified message: “We just want peace, creativity, and development for our world”. The Memorial utilized creativity to promote humanity, connecting nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

The idea of the Reviving Humanity Memorial was firstly introduced by Shimaa Abo El Kheir, a talented and creative Egyptian designer who received the award of the best design of a piece of furniture in the world in an international competition in London in 2016. Both the organizers and the sculptors had to work in harsh conditions.

They started from scratch, whether for the Symposium or the site of the memorial; from the work of digging, building, paving, and afforestation heading up to the ceremony of putting the sculpted hearts in their places in the Memorial. This special experience had a great influence on every member of the organizing team.

The idea of inviting sculptors from all over the world to make a mark in the Memorial is proof of our shared humanity. The Memorial brings world youth together to find common ground, to share their dreams, exchange visions, and express their opinions concerning global challenges. Egypt’s passionate youth search for peace, creativity, and development. Some even changed the artistic concept of their pieces of art after they were touched by the wonderful nature and atmosphere in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Today, the memorial is no longer an event or a symbol since President Abdelfattah El-Sisi recommended the change of the Memorial to an international institution for reviving humanity, combating terrorism, and supporting victims of wars and terrorism.

Ehsan, a sculptor from Pakistan, described his experience saying, “It was a brilliant experience as I still feel I am in Egypt. There is a lot to say concerning my tour in Egypt, especially because the people I met were very welcoming and caring”.

Gissella, from Uruguay, also shared her feelings with us regarding the memorial: “I travel around the world working on sculptures in similar projects like international symposiums of sculptures, but this Revival Humanity Memorial meeting was special”.

Ehsan, a sculptor from Pakistan.
Gissella, from Uruguay


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