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Freedom.e.. A Hub for Creativity

Freedom.e was founded to generate a hub for creativity, a creative zone for youth within the youth summit. It is usually connected to the summit’s agenda. The topics chosen to be highlighted are usually derived or support the summits agenda, for example this year in 2019 the plan is to focus on women empowerment with several activations regarding women.

They are also building on projects they’d started since last year, in 2018, like the tourism corner that was focused on introducing 2 cities in Egypt using VR. This year they’ve added two more, making it a total of four cities one can get to see using VR. Artificial Intelligence is also a major theme this year so there is emphasis on that as well. Recycling and upcycling are also main pillars they’re focusing on this year.

Another thing that is present in the Freedom.e is the “show and tell” section, where artists can present their art in a new, interesting way. The artists hosted are all unique artists with a twist as well as talent. This year, they’re also expanding on last year’s Nomads travelling topic, as well as other topics; such as environmental and business topics. This year they’re also excited, as there shall be a surprise parade representing the seven pillars/ civilizations of Egypt, complete with dancers and music.


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