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The Fourth Industrial Revolution And The Future of Youth Skills

The second preparatory workshop was held on December 13th to discuss the future of youth skills. Dr. Jaider Dhavle, one of the officials at UNIDO, illustrated the definition of electronic commerce and the role of UNIDO in achieving the SDGs, as well as its essential role in activating e-commerce, especially in an era where the economy is digitized and all states are witnessing digital transformation. He also illustrated the megatrends in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where there are several technological applications, such as, blockchain, robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Elfi Klumpp, the Executive Director for the Entrepreneurship Program in FESTO, discussed the types of industrial revolutions, their impact on lowering wages, and the required skills in 2020 compared to 2015. She also ensured the necessity of applying the STEM system in education and that creativity must be part and parcel of our educational systems. Finally, the participants highlighted the main opportunities and challenges facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to all stakeholders: the enterprises, the governments, youth, and nature.