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What’s in This Edition of the WYF

By Jailan Dahab

Through the creativity of its youth, a peaceful community knows its way to development and prosperity, particularly in the post-COVID era. Since the Forum’s main messages are peace, development, and creativity, 14 sessions and 10 workshops are organized around 10 themes. The following are the themes found in this year’s edition, with reference to where you can find the theme you’re looking for.

1.    Post-COVID Effects

We are now in the post-COVID era, in which we are unsure about the future and how our lives will look in a year. We are also overwhelmed by the pandemic’s impact on every aspect of life, to the point where we are questioning the efficacy of our pre-COVID policies, way of thinking, and strategies in the new normal. The goal of this theme is to determine how well we can adapt to the new normal on all levels.

2.    Climate Change

As a young person who is aware of the devastating effects of climate change on our mother Earth, you have undoubtedly heard calls to save the planet and build climate-resilient communities. You may have heard about the COP26 meeting in November 2021 and its recommendations for reducing carbon emissions. As a result, you can attend the sessions addressing this highly contentious topic to learn about the future prospects and challenges ahead of the upcoming COP27, which will be held in Egypt.

3.    Social Security

According to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), social security is regarded as a security paradigm. Through this theme, you will learn more about how social security emphasizes the abolition of all forms of deprivation, as well as about development projects, one of which is “Haya Karima” (Decent Life), which aims to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the poor.

4.    Human Rights

International organizations and instruments enshrine human rights. However, amid the growing atrocities of war and conflict, as well as the ever-increasing poverty rates, leaders and national governments have taken several steps by launching national human rights strategies.

5.    Entrepreneurship

Young people always catalyze change by developing creative, innovative ideas and launching businesses to put those ideas into action. Creating a cadre of entrepreneurs will, without a doubt, aid in achieving economic prosperity. This theme will demonstrate how entrepreneurship will be the economic backbone in the post-COVID-19 era.

6.    Technology & 5G

We can’t imagine our lives without technology. Of course, it would be gloomy! This theme will focus on the role of technology in socioeconomic development, as well as the implications of the contentious 5G technology for our security, as well as the challenges and risks that come with it.

7.    Digital Transformation

With the over-reliance on technology in public service delivery, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, digital transformation is no longer an option. You can talk about the importance of digital transformation and how it will affect our lives in the future.

8.    Distance Learning

Despite the fact that distance learning is a new method of education, it has gained traction in the post-COVID world due to school closures and lockdowns. With the adoption of this learning method by several governments, distance learning has served as a substitute for in-person learning during times of calamity. Meanwhile, it is still in its early stages and requires further development in the absence of an enabling environment and high-quality infrastructure.

9.    Environment

Saving the environment is just as important as combating climate change. We must keep this in mind because protecting the environment and ensuring biodiversity will not only protect our livelihoods but also ensure our access to food. As a result, the consequences and challenges of this looming crisis will be discussed in more than one session.

10.           The Future of Energy

This theme discusses the importance of investing more in clean and renewable energy in the midst of loud calls to reduce carbon emissions and achieve Goal No. 7 of the UN SDGs, which calls for the provision of affordable and clean energy for future generations. Participating in sessions and workshops on the future of energy will allow you to learn more about the policies that have been implemented and what we should be looking for.