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Simulation: Shifting Currents

This workshop introduced a new way through which it was conducted on December 12th; it was through the simulation games. Those games are considered as a tool for peaceful conflict resolution in which individuals are divided into groups whose goal is to offer solutions that satisfy all parties, the main objective of this workshop to teach young people how to negotiate a specific issue or topic so that many solutions that satisfy all parties can be reached. They tried to enhance the skills of peaceful dialogue and constructive negotiation in their participants.

To apply the idea of the simulation, the participants had been divided into 8 groups to reach a compromise about a hypothetical crisis about a recycling company that decided to get rid of the park for the sake of some expansions of the company. This hypothesized crisis caused frustration among citizens. So the participants in this workshop began to simulate the opinions of specific political parties and organizations. Moreover, they introduced proposals to reach a common ground and a final solution was agreed upon to satisfy all parties after a vote.