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6 Reasons the World Youth Forum Is the Most Influential Idea to Keep Youth Engaged in Egypt

By Yara ELhemely

As the time approaches for the launch of the Fourth Edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF), some people start wondering about what is so special about the WYF and what makes it sustainable despite all the crazy changes we are encountering… Well, there are many reasons the WYF is awesome…

1. Egypt Has Become Known as the Youth Hub

Every Christmas, youth around the world start to ask about the timing of the WYF. Although the peak of the COVID-19 was an unfortunate event, we were thrilled with the tons of emails we received from young people around the world asking for the timing of the WYF…And here we go, the WYF is finally back.

2. Whoever Thought the WYF Is for Individual Youth Only Has Been Proven Mistaken

As the WYF takes place, the whole city of Sharm El-Sheikh flourishes, yet it is never only about Sharm. Thousands of sponsors, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), transportation companies, and hotels grow more and more due to this international event. Also, its effect is ever-lasting; these entrepreneurs are allowed to connect, promote their brands, build capacities, and simply add the Forum’s experience to enrich their portfolios.

3. The Message: Egypt Is Safe

If a small city like Sharm El-Sheikh was able to host more than 5,000 people and apply all the health precautions with a huge success, what do you think the message this achievement sends? For many, it’s a concrete message that the country is ready to receive tourists, host events, and have all different kinds of investment. Egypt is safe on the health front, as well as being already safe on the security front.

4. Every Young Person Matters

No matter your age, nationality, language, ethnicity, mental or physical ability, you are welcomed here. No where like in the WYF in Egypt have the opinions and ideas of youth been respected, promoted, and, in many instances, implemented. If you speak one of our three languages, you are a real WYFer…And what are these languages? They are exceptionally easy to learn…They are Humanity, Peace, and Love!!

5. The WYF Has Fostered the Golden Triangle of Development

In the WYF, we have seen an ultimate collaboration of both the public and private sectors, and civil society, with a wide range of international organizations being engaged all towards more development and progress.

6. The WYF Is Able to Create a Real Tangible Change
Are you just tired of attending more and more of these youth conferences where people are so nicely dressed and get to throw long speeches but nothing happens at the end? Well, that’s exactly what the WYF is not about. The first model of the Arab-African Summit was actually held a year after the WYF as per the recommendations of the first edition of the WYF. The Women Economic Forum was also held in 2018 just a few months after the recommendations of the WYF, and many others are still to follow.

Can you think of more reasons why the WYF is simply an inspiring idea?
If you are a WYFer or even a fan of the WYF, let us know what makes the WYF special to you…
Write out your experience! We can’t wait to hear your story.