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Youth Inter-African Cooperation for Development

The African continent is the continent of the future, from this sentence we can realize the necessity of conducting a preparatory workshop on December 12th where a lot of young people gathered to exchange their ideas regarding the African continent especially in the realm of various challenges facing the continent in many fields: security, economic, political and social fields. The participants have agreed on many challenges that face the African continent ranging from the political to the societal ones like the lack of political participation of youth and their absence from the decision-making processes, overpopulation that leads to many critical problems like the unemployment and poverty, the spread of terrorism, the increasing rates of corruption and the failure of the implementation of the international conventions issued by the African Union on youth.

Not only did they specify the challenges facing the continent, but also they issued effective recommendations like the necessity to adopt the values of transparency and accountability and providing more platforms for young people to express their opinions, localizing the industry in Africa, creating partnerships between the public and the private sectors and the international organizations, empowering the youth to have their say in the decision making processes.


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