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International Food Security, Youth’s Initiatives for Action

This workshop that was conducted on December 13th, aimed at discussing the dilemma of food security and how to enhance it over the globe, especially in African countries. The participants discussed the need to eradicate hunger by 2030, since it is one of the severe challenges that face the world, and highlighted food security challenges. These included poverty, inability to purchase food, low food quality, use of old farming methods, waste of resources and widespread malnutrition.
Participants were divided into four groups, to discuss ways to achieve food security, namely: the current market opportunities for young people, challenges and potential opportunities for entrepreneurship across borders, how to increase the popularity of agriculture profession to make it attractive to young people, technology and digital solutions available for food security. By the end of the workshop, these groups listed several steps to enhance food security, such as applying smart agricultural practices to enhance productivity, diversifying crops to conserve biological diversity and protecting Africa’s natural resources.


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