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A peaceful society knows its way to development, with the creativity of its youth. It is natural that the main messages of the Forum are peace, development and creativity. To reflect these messages, 17 sessions and 12 workshops are held throughout the forum’s 4 days, formulated under 9 core themes.

What can you find in this year’s agenda? Here is the forum’s agenda, where you can find the theme(s) you are interested in:

1- Prominent international and regional issues

As a young person who is aware of global issues, you have inevitably watched Egypt’s actions in the United Nations, which support peace, fight terrorism, and support the stability of the state. Perhaps you’ve watched videos of the consequences of terrorism. You might have even read about Maritime Navigation and Africa’s Agenda 2063 and its relation to UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You probably also know of Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt and its efforts towards reforming religious discourse. Thus, you can participate in the sessions and workshops of this theme to give your opinion, and contribute to making a difference.

2- Cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin

Have you heard of the city of Alexandria which was built by Alexander the Great on the Mediterranean in Egypt?
You should not miss visiting it before returning home, to enjoy the waters of the two seas in Egypt. Before doing so, you should participate in the sessions and workshops of this theme to learn about the civilizations and history of the Mediterranean basin, look at the methods of strengthening cooperation among these countries, and know more about the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF).

3- Food security

Food security is a major topic in the field of development. In this session, you will learn more about the successes achieved by African countries and young people like you in this sector. You will also learn about the obstacles facing African countries and the world, while achieving the second goal of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

4- The Environment

Have you heard of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Climathon for climate change awareness? Have you followed the G7 session on climate, biodiversity, and oceans? Have you watched the recent UN Climate Summit? Well, you know that Egypt, as the rest of the world, attaches utmost importance to this issue. Thus, the repercussions and challenges of this issue and solutions offered by youth and specialists will be discussed in this workshop.

5- The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are all affected by technology. In this session and its workshops, you can discuss the skills to accelerate development in this revolution. You will be trained on using the direct impact smart shop (SmartShop) method, Government Institutional Excellence, pros and cons of digital transformation, and the right to maintain privacy and achieve cyber security.

6- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Youth who strive to achieve development are creative and aware of modern horizons. In this session, we will discuss the uses, applications, challenges, and code of ethics of AI technology. In addition, the AI events will focus on discussing the extent to which AI applications can be used and their relation to entrepreneurship.

7- Block chain

This technology cannot be overlooked as it is considered the revolution of the digital world nowadays. Youth will discuss the uses and applications of this technology, as well as the challenges and risks of its illegal use in terrorism financing and money laundering. The mechanisms of tackling it will be discussed as well.

8- Women

This theme will shed light on how the UN has sought to establish women’s right to development, as part of its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We will discuss economic empowerment and inspirational female role models, who have made tremendous progress in contributing to achieve sustainable development.

9- Art and Cinema

The art and cinema sessions will discuss the role of arts in tackling humanitarian issues, and the challenges facing creative work in the digital era.


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