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The Start-up Vein: the Entrepreneurs’ Platform

Awareness is growing all over the world concerning the necessity of developing a framework that allows the evolution and sustainability of start-ups. These projects are considered a cornerstone to boost economic growth and development in any country.

The Second WYF acknowledged the importance of having a specific zone dedicated to start-ups and entrepreneurs, to give all the innovative and creative youth the chance to present their ideas and share their experiences, including the challenges and successes they achieved along the way.

It also included incubators who gave the required expertise and funding to start-ups to support the entrepreneurs and develop their projects. Sessions and workshops were essential instruments used in the Start-up Vein for both the start-up pioneers and incubators.

Dorothy Nabakooza from Uganda sent an encouraging email describing her experience in the Africa 2018 Conference.

Another participant of the start-up pioneers from Nigeria, Olaitan Olakanmi, shared her experience with us.

There is still a need for more efforts to look for ways to support start-ups, to improve their ability to innovate, and to encourage a risk taking culture among the youth.

This year, the WYF in Egypt is hosting the second edition of the Start-up Vein, under the umbrella of WYF Labs, which provides an arena where start-up pioneers can share their experiences—including challenges and successes—as well as network with WYF participants. The WYF Labs Program offers entrepreneurs exposure to investors and large-scale incubators, to create a regional hub in Egypt for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

It is a platform for young entrepreneurs to share their innovative start-up ideas and get the support and mentorship they need to excel in their projects. The Start-up Vein will provide a clear map of the journey of a start-up in Egypt and around the world, which others can follow and learn from.


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