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Thanks … COVID-19

Difficulties create power. One day, all this fear for our relatives and loved ones will end and the world will come to rest again.

But how will we remember this global crisis in the future? What will we tell future generations about our lives during this global pandemic?

Certainly, there are many statistics on the number of infected cases, recovered patients, and deaths due to the coronavirus, but this information can be found on news websites.

There is a treasure we have found on our journey with this virus. We have to admit that we all have changed and that this virus brought out the best of most of us, where we help each other, take care of the old and the young, and offer individual and social initiatives so that we can all survive this deadly virus.

We have become aware of the need to protect our lives and the lives of the people around us by following the updated instructions of the World Health Organization and implementing the daily recommendations, such as maintaining social distance and following the necessary procedures for the appearance of the disease symptoms.

All efforts have combined to limit the impact of the spread of the pandemic through, for example, creating alternative solutions such as “working from home” so that the economy does not receive much harm and the wheel of development continues to turn.

The education system did not stop either, where the schools have been teaching the necessary classes through the distance learning system.

The interest in scientific research has increased, and a lot of money has been spent to discover a cure, as well as to prevent similar situations in the future.

International support and cooperation increased. Many countries have helped each other with the necessary medical supplies and food. This increased the rapprochement among the peoples of the world.

Thanks … COVID-19 for how we have become one. All for one, all for human.


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