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Covid-19 between stress and fears

Stress and worry are common feelings we experience through the COVID-19 pandemic…

Since December 2019, when the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed, till now, 2.6 billion people – one-third of the world’s population – are living under some kind of lockdown or quarantine.

In quarantine, we separate from our family and restrict our movement to limit disease transmission to protect ourselves and others from such a contagious disease. This may be considered the best method to deal with COVID-19, but separating people from friends, relatives, and colleagues has negative effects on the mental health and well-being.

All of us worry about our health and the health of our loved ones. We also have a potent source of stress and anxiety related to our ability to take part in social events and the fear of job loss and income collapse. Our children are also struggling socially and academically because they are no longer attending classes at school, practicing sports in clubs, and gathering and playing with friends.

Moreover, healthcare workers are among the most susceptible to psychological issues due to long shifts of stressful work and dealing with patients who have severe symptoms which are sometimes fatal. Healthcare workers are real heroes because they even face additional pressures of exhaustion and the risk of being infected by any of their patients and transmitting this infection to their families.

Yes, the future is unclear, there are so many challenges facing us, and all news about COVID-19 lead to depression… But we are all in this together.

Fear and anxiety are among the emotions that may appear during this uncertain time, which can have symptoms like worry, overthinking, insomnia, panic attacks, rapid heartbeats, rapid breathing, and tightness in the chest. Anger, aggression, and irritation can be also other symptoms to fear and anxiety.

However, this is the time of support and solidarity, and not judgment and selfishness. Fear can be a useful means to keep us safe and alive, only if it is controlled.  

Finally, all emotions are valid and worthy of consideration, so accepting them and dealing with them is the best way of making the best out of them.


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