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Prospects of education and capacity building in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A workshop was conducted on December 13th to denote the essentiality of education in the progress of any state. Today, education has become increasingly important, especially in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as youth need to keep pace with developments. Organizations specialized in vocational education joined the discussions of this workshop, where the participants were divided into six groups to answer the main questions: How can stakeholders use AI technology? What do young people need to be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? What should teachers do? What should the Egyptian government do to support this matter?

They traced the evolution of the industrial revolutions beginning from the first one that depended on the stem, until the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which heavily impacted humanity and societies. Dr. Danyal Hayat, one of the speakers from Pakistan, ensured that governments need to cover the gap between the academic and industrial education. Omar Ahmed, one of the promising youths from Egypt, discussed his experience in the school that supported him in many projects like the cap translating cerebral signs into words that can be understood by people with disabilities, and programmed glove that converts sign language into audible words.


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