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Developing innovative solutions for the inclusion of PWDs

Another preparatory workshop was organized on December 13th to shed light on the challenges facing people with special needs. The first session was moderated by Mohamed Sobhy, who is a true inspiration. He succeeded in practicing his passion, by becoming a wheelchair tennis player. This session was mainly concerned with providing several alternatives and solutions for ways to deal with people with special needs and positively interact with them, in addition to increasing societal awareness of the challenges facing them. The second session discussed the role of “Helm Foundation”, as an NGO that aims to overcome the challenges facing people with special needs, by empowering them. This foundation had conducted an employment fair to provide means of communication between the youth with special needs and the companies.
Shimaa Ibrahim, another influential model who suffered from visual disability, began to illustrate the obstacles that people with visual impairment face. For instance, difficulties in completing their studies and obtaining postgraduate scholarships, especially abroad, in addition to the obstinacy of companies to employ them. She hopes to change society’s impressions and their mental image regarding people with visual disabilities.


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