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Enabling Integration Towards A Better World

Due to the necessity to achieve an integrated framework to facilitate the lives of the people with special needs, a preparatory workshop was conducted on December 12th to discuss the most important challenges facing the disabled and the initiatives undertaken by some NGOs to achieve their inclusion in their community and to facilitate their lives. Youth had tackled some initiatives aimed at facilitating the lives of the blind and to integrate them into their countries. The workshop tried to raise awareness about the way of interacting with people with special needs through spotlighting the comparison between the wrong and the right practices of people with them.

Young people in this workshop were keen on introducing some institutions and models that have an important role in achieving the inclusion of the disabled. We have the example of the “Helm foundation” that works in rehabilitating, training and employing people with special needs in the labor market. Besides, the participants held many activities to provide a much better experience to people with special needs like the challenge of the wheelchair, how to read Braille, how to deal with one hand and how to use the stick.


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