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The 2019 WYF reaches its closing

After a rich journey full of many important highlights and inspiring stops, the 2019 World Youth Forum reaches its conclusion tonight, December 17th.

The 2019 WYF has been the destination where youth from everywhere across the globe, having different backgrounds and interests, discussed several urging topics, came out with valuable ideas and suggestions, and enriched their networks both professionally and personally, all for a common goal which is reaching a better world.

The closing of this year’s WYF kicks off by the statement of the Forum’s recommendations, as an outcome to the work and dedication of thousands of youth participants and speakers in several workshops, sessions, and networking events, along with the efforts of a huge base of organizers and volunteers who worked day and night to bring the Forum to its best possible image.

This is followed by a grand ceremony to celebrate the success of the third version of one of the biggest world youth events, with important speeches, brilliant performances, and high hopes for a world of peace, love, harmony, and prosperity to all humanity.

So here we are at the end of another chapter of the WYF’s magical story, yet there are still many chapters to come.   


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