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Mediterranean Youth, Common Roots

Egypt acknowledges the seriousness of regional circles like the African, the Arabic, the Islamic as well as the Mediterranean regional circles. Hence, a workshop was organized on the 12th of December to emphasize the commonality between the states of this region since they are sharing common elements in their civilizations, their art, and their histories; also it assured the necessity of integration between their states to face the common challenges like the immigration.
The workshop took into consideration the sustainable development goals, especially about climate change and its impact on the continuity of the planet, the participants clarified some essential values to implement these goals, so they drew the attention to the importance of collectivism rather than the individualism, in addition to adopting the concept of volunteering to implement the agenda. Dr. Toumi, one of the entrepreneurs, presented his project to influence and encourage the youth to serve the agenda of SDGs. He introduced the idea of electronic cards in factories to control electricity consumption in cities and smart homes to decrease Carbon dioxide emissions; also, he mentioned the idea of planting rooftops with organic vegetables to utilize surfaces sustainably and organically.


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