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Food Security in Africa: How Do We Achieve the 2nd Goal of Sustainable Development Goals?

“Food Security in Africa” panel discussion kicked off on December 15th to address food security as a pillar for achieving sustainable economic growth. The workshop highlighted the nutritional behavior of individuals and groups, the obstacles facing provision of food, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture, along with the repercussions of conflict, climate change, and water scarcity on food security. Mr. Qu Dongyu, FAO’s Director-General, confirmed the role of youth in overcoming many challenges like desertification, drought, water scarcity, and climate change. In addition, he called for a partnership initiative to protect the marginalized groups.

Mr. David Beasley, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program, stressed the seriousness of the situation as, according to studies, every five seconds a child starves to death. Hunger rates worldwide raised to 77 million. Khaled Abu-Zeid, the Director for Water Resources Management at CEDARE, spoke about water shortage and unfair water distribution in Africa. Mrs. Rosemary Mbabazi, Minister of Youth in Rwanda, highlighted Rwanda’s programs in achieving food security that depend mainly on citizen engagement. Then, three inspiring models of volunteers from US and Egypt who worked in the field of food security spoke about their experience in achieving food security.

Here’s a short movie for a more comprehensive view to the issues of Food Security in Africa.

A short movie produced by the WYF Media Production department showing the issue of food security in Africa and the whole world, where food security is a global challenge and sustainable development goals are concerned with it. What is the influence of human intervention in food security? Is food security affected by the humans’ awareness? Is the human resource capable of developing solutions for the problem? What is food safety and how does it affect global food security?
Watch and put an end to debates inside your mind regarding food security!