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Although ‘World Youth Forum’ consists of three simple words, it entails many stories, successes, and challenges. It began with a simple idea and resulted in a huge platform where youth, from over 100 countries, gather to exchange ideas, experiences, and opinions.

The thrilling experience of the forum holds a great story behind it, with efforts of thousands of youth who took every extra mile to make the dream come true the way you see it today.

Food Security in Africa: How Do We Achieve the 2nd Goal of Sustainable Development Goals?
“Food Security in Africa” panel discussion kicked off on December 15th to address food security...
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Women and the Right to Development
The World Youth Forum held a session on December 16th to discuss women rights and...
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“WYF out and about: It’s Christmas Time!”
We took a mic, a camera, and all the positive vibes in the air, and...
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The 2019 WYF reaches its closing
After a rich journey full of many important highlights and inspiring stops, the 2019 World...
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WYF 2019 Award Winners
It has become one of the main protocols of the WYF Closing Ceremony, since the...
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Youth Inter-African Cooperation for Development
The African continent is the continent of the future, from this sentence we can realize...
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International Food Security, Youth’s Initiatives for Action
This workshop that was conducted on December 13th, aimed at discussing the dilemma of food...
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Prospects of sustainable development in Africa
On the third day of the World Youth Forum, a session was held in the...
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Enabling Integration Towards A Better World
Due to the necessity to achieve an integrated framework to facilitate the lives of the...
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Developing innovative solutions for the inclusion of PWDs
Another preparatory workshop was organized on December 13th to shed light on the challenges facing...
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