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Here we are going together through a journey to know the different types of Arts, as Art with its different music and instruments connects us all together!

Ask For more

Giving an insight about some of the global effective people and shed some light on the promising experiences of youth around the world.


We will Expose together the life style and the distinctive features of the Egyptians by enlightening listeners on the Egyptian way of life in different occasions

The Festival

The show aims to focus on the different cultural festivals and events for countries that are represented within the forum

Egyptian Gene

The program discusses the coherent layers from which the Egyptians are formed of, that is the “7 pillars”

Discover Egypt

Let´s Take a funny Journey across all the unique places in Egypt!

The Diaries

“A podcast about what threats the lives of the youth in the
future. The aim to is put a spot about the topics that might change our way of living”