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The most important religion on Earth is humanity. Humans are at the heart of any story. Diversity unites us, hearing each other’s stories provide us guidance to a more peaceful and inclusive society. World Youth Magazine makes sure no one is left behind, because we cherish our differences and learn from them, day after day.

Difficulties create power. One day, all this fear for our relatives and loved ones will end and the world will
Stress and worry are common feelings we experience through the COVID-19 pandemic… Since December 2019, when the first COVID-19 case
One of the many repetitive chimes of happy-go characters on social media is the talk about the gift of time
Looking for a moment of joy Young children often enjoy books, toys, songs, and stories with a good rhyme. From
Some individuals cling to the doctrine of “the religion of humanity”. Its essence, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, is
Superstitions, myths, and omens are common yet irrational beliefs that play a role in shaping cultures across the world. They
We all believe in the good side of humanity. We all call for peace and security. Yet, only a few
Dionisio Pereira is one of our World Youth Forum (WYF) stars who proudly participated in WYF 2018 and had the
Notre Dame: Humanity tested “Tonight, Notre Dame, one of the oldest and most iconic structures in Paris, is burning out


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