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The world is filled with complexities that we struggle to find meaning to. As computers become smarter, climate change poses a threat on the horizon, and we stand in the midst  of a cyber industrial revolution, we must challenge ourselves to dive in to the depth of the most challenging topics in hope to understand the fast changing complexities changing all around us.

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy
Since the COVID-19 outbreak was first announced, it has spread to over 190 countries. The...
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Corona Is Not a New Virus…It Is Just Different
COVID-19 is not the first virus, but nobody can ignore that it is a different...
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When States Fail, Humanity Becomes Frail: Stepping Out of the Vicious Circle
US’s World Trade Center attacks, UK’s bombings, Iraq’s bombings, Congo’s Christmas massacres, France’s shootings, Sri...
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The other side of the Black Hole
NASA instruments have painted a new picture of the black holes, which are considered the...
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A Green Economy
The key towards a prosperous and sustainable world Environmental degradation comes on top of the...
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Imagine losing your job to a machine
Computers can help you find a job. But they can also make you lose your...
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Food Security
Food security not only refers to food availability, but it also refers to having safe...
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Cybersecurity: Moving towards non-traditional security
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a drastic leap in the way of life and way...
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The Industrial Revolution: Great leaps, greater opportunities
The Industrial Revolution is one of the most significant events in world history. It refers to a period...
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