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By Esraa Ali During the year 2020, the education systems in the world witnessed unprecedented turmoil due to the Corona
By Israa Abdallah Many people have discussed the impact of the COVID crisis on various industries and aspects of life,
The World Youth Forum (WYF) organizing team is always keen to include in its agenda, concurrently with the sessions and
By Shaimaa ElShafie The industrial revolution resulted in global warming, which unleashed the planet's wrath on its inhabitants. As a
By Omnia Samir It has been estimated that about two billion of the world’s population did not have access to
By Israa Abdallah The health sector is not the only sector that has been severely impacted by the pandemic, as
By Esraa Ali The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed double roles and tasks on families all over the world, the first
The activities of the fourth edition of the World Youth Forum were launched under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah
The World Youth Forum (WYF) promotes entrepreneurship and stresses on the significance of investing in youth. Around 30 startups and
The “Future of Technology and Digital Transformation after the Pandemic” session was launched today in the presence of Dr. Amr