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Amid our busy lives, art persists as the universal language of souls.  Not only does art transform our opinions on certain topics, it bridges the gaps between us. Art captures our hearts through its beautiful representation of reality. It takes us to another world where dreams are possible, misunderstandings are resolved, and peace exists all over the universe.

Balcony Performance: A Way to Bring Joy out of Coronavirus
“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” — Anni...
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Bollywood… Cinema of the East
Cinema and movies always play an influential role in human culture. It is no longer...
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Arabian Nights
Arabic language is one of the main pillars of the cultural diversity of humanity. It...
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Ghobn, an Artist with a mission
“Human and homeland are one inseparable identity,” Intesar Abdel Fattah Ghobn With these words, Intesar...
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Art is the language of humanity
ART DEFINES HUMANITY Anjianjei Constantine..Music for Development Centuries ago, individuals, kingdoms, tribes, nations, and continents...
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Art: Connecting the human race
Since the beginning of history, art has been one of the peaceful ways to connect...
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